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As a CEO Consigliera . . .
I am more than a coach . . 

I am a trusted advisor,
strategy sparring partner,
future provocateur,
implementation plan tester,and experienced C-suite executive 

...whom CEOs have found invaluable in a world where they cannot easily turn to their direct reports, their Board, or their outside family and friends. 

As a CEO, you don't come with a CEO manual on how to excel on so many of your responsibilities.  You will usually rise through the ranks because of your expertise (accounting, engineering, operations, IT, risk, HR, sales, marketing, etc.).  But as a CEO, the field has widened exponentially ane will include: : 

  • Managing multiple layers of a multi-functional organisation

  • Driving a culture of innovation and collaboration

  • Managing an external array of stakeholders (ranging from shareholders, boards, analysts, customers, media)

  • Monitoring the financial, operational, country, credit, political, interest rate, and market risk throughout the country

  • Shaping a long term but flexible strategy -- often 7-10 years out

The majority of the leaders I have coached confess early in our relationship that "I have no idea of what I'm doing" -- otherwise known as the "Impostor Syndrome."  I remind you that being confident in "not knowing," vulnerable and ready to learn are some of the most important required in this "Imagination Age -- artificial intelligence, post-COVID Age" requires.  Otherwise, you are providing your organisation with "last year plus or minus 10%). 

When you are searching for ways to make sense of a very confusing landscape and facing this doubt and anxiety, it is very helpful to work one-on-one with someone who has the experience in corporations and their complexity as well as the psychological understanding of what makes you an inspiring and effective leader--and how to deal with the stress you experience. 

In this way, you have a confidential "sparring partner" with whom you can shape your own thinking -- away from the politics of the organisation.  

Areas in which I coach with you

With over 30 years of executive coaching and leadership development and 16 years of psychotherapy, I have been a sparring partner for executives at all levels, from middle management to the CEOs and Board Directors of complex organisations.  

I have been inside organisations like the Commonwealth Bank, QBE, and Cochlear. Within these organisations as an executive, I have advised systemically the executives of these organisations across the broad range of topics described above.  I provided them with a context and map in which they could "co-discover" how they wanted to develop their own frameworks for strategy, culture, stakeholder management, accountability, and communication. At the same time, I gave them a safe place to reflect on how they want to show up in their lives, both at work and at home, which often included quite serious psychological issues blocking their way.  

With the experience I have across strategic consulting (Booz & Co, a Stanford MBA (with a specialisation in strategy),  complex planning and implementation (Sydney Olympics 1996-2000) and 20 years of coaching and leadership development, I have a rich contextual understanding of what makes great leaders -- and what blocks their path. 


Through the CEO succession I have worked on and the development of leaders at all levels, I understand the qualities and actions sought and rewarded by boards, investors, and, most importantly, by the people of the organisation. 

Every leader of the hundreds I have worked with has their own way of establishing their presence, their own psychological challenges, their own organisational context -- and a desire to leave their own legacy.  

I am passionate about working with you so that you can find your own genuine voice and your own style of leadership within yourself. I am passionate about witnessing your internal wisdom come to fruition as you arrive at your own insights and strategies, given the questions, prompts, and suggestions I offer.  

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