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How-To Courses for  
Talent Professionals

Coming in 2025

  • Consultants in leadership, assessment, strategy, executive search, succession planning

  • People and Culture Professionals in organisations across all sectors, sizes, geography and industry

  • MBA students or any university student focusing on leadership, culture, HR practices, succession

  • Board Directors who oversee talent, culture, and succession

  • Private-equity or family-owners assessing culture or determining leaders for their companies

With 35 years as a 
strategy and talent advisor both from the outside as well as the chief talent officer at top 20 ASX listed companies, government agencies and non-profit organisations . . . 

I am offering four 
HOW TO courses in 2025: 

1. Executive Succession
2. Organisational Culture
3. Executive Team Effectiveness
4. C-suite Coaching

Updates on dates and registration will arrive later in 2024.  Contact me now if you wish to discuss further or be updated when registration has commenced.   

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