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Sample Keynote Topics

  • These can be delivered as keynotes or interactive  workshops

  • For any size of audience: from 1 to 2000+

  • For in person or online

  • Live or recorded or both

  • As we leave the Information Age and transition to the Integration Age, how do our workplaces need to transform
  • The Integration Age: Where Artificial Intelligence meets Human Wisdom
  • The wisdom of our ancient philosophies for us Human Forgetters
  • The Future of HR - putting the Human back into HR
  • Creating Brain-Friendly Workplaces for the Integration Age
  • Fearless Leadership: How do we develop our brains to deal with the stress of the 2020's
  • My lessons from my 4 years as Head of Operational Planning for the Sydney 2000 Olympics -- how they apply to everyday organisations even today
  • ​How to see potential in your talent and how that fits into long term succession planning
  • How to develop intuition
  • Applying Quantum Physics to Leadership
  • What is culture and do I shape it?
  • The Art of Dialogue and storytelling- two long lost arts
  • Vertical Leadership: moving from Intellectual Intelligence, to Emotional Intelligence, to Systemic Intelligence to Wisdom 
  • Spiral Dynamics - the evolution of our culture and how it applies to culture
  • The power of mindset, attention, and intention
  • Mental and emotional health in the workplace: my own personal story
  • Chaos and Complexity applied to Culture

About Me

I advise 
organisations to reshape their culture as we transition from the

Information Age
to the
Integration Age

. . . an age in which

Artificial Intelligence
Human Potentia

"Strategy without execution is a daydream.

Execution without strategy is a nightmare.

Either without the ability to see the POTENTIAL in your talent is unsustainable. 

All without a compassionate and curious awareness of Self is meaningless."

- Katharine McLennan  
I wrote this during the night of the 15 September 2000 Opening Ceremony, after four years of directing the operational planning of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics. If you are interested in her 24-volume video interviewing project she did in 2020 (the 20th anniversary of Sydney 2000)
-- see this link

Contact me

Besides Speaking, I offer three other services

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