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"Strategy without execution is a daydream.

Execution without strategy is a nightmare.

Either without brilliant talent and culture fitness is unsustainable.

All without a compassionate and curious awareness of Self is meaningless." 

~Katharine McLennan
Written during the night of 15 September 2000, Opening Ceremony, after her four years of directing the operational planning of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics. If you are interested in her 24-volume video interviewing project she did on the Sydne 2000 Olympics for the 20th anniversary -- see this link. 
Katharine has been working with CEOs and Boards for the last 32 years

She has worked inside organisations as an executive and outside as an advisor.

  • Top-30-listed -ASX corporations
  • Private-equity-owned companies
  • Family-owned-companies
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Universities
  • Government organisations 
  • Sydney 2000 Games
See list of organisations in About Page

She has held multiple types of roles delivering value across: 

  • Strategy
  • Large-scale implementation
  • Culture transformation
  • CEO succession
  • Talent management 
  • Executive team effectiveness
  • Global Leadership Academy design and delivery
  • Individual leadership development across all levels of an organisation
She continues to spar with, advise, facilitate and coach on: 
  1. C-suite leadership assessment and development:  Coaching executives to become effective and inspiring across strategic thinking, execution planning, culture and team development and their own executive presence and focus

  2. Executive team effectiveness: Assessment and workshop facilitation of purpose, accountability lines, processes, and trust

  3. CEO Succession: On behalf of the Board -- long-term assessment, preparation and transition for CEOs

  4. Accelerated talent management--systemically and individually- establishing Talent functions and processes for long-term talent pipeline development to ensure an organisation has executive readiness for the future

  5. Sustainable culture fitness- through detailed qualitative analysis of what is working and what is not -- and the collaborative remodelling of the culture that delivers the strategy and keeps talent at the organisation, continuing to engage and expand their capabilities

  6. Chief People Officer advisory- the Chief People Officer is a role very different from the traditional CHRO .  In the Ideation Age, talent is the key ingredient for organisational success.  A Chief People Officer focuses on the asset acceleration of talent, just as a country develops its athletes through Olympic systems and coaching

  7. Executive psychotherapy as an integrated part of her coaching with over a decade of accredited practice (Psychology and Counselling Federation of Australia)

    There is no such thing as a separation between work and home. Katharine knows this from her years inside organisations as Chief People Officer as well as her own life experience.

    Katharine counsels CEOs on all aspects of their life inside and outside of work and determines practical remedies addressing some of the most common (but hidden) emotional and mental blockages, including:

Impostor syndrome 

Relationship issues

Alcohol and drug addictions

Depression and anxiety

Stress -- including the pervasive insomnia

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